View Full Version : Worms: A Space Oddity SCREENSHOTS!

9 Sep 2007, 08:13
Yes! Finally! We've got screenies of the new game!
I must say, it looks fantabulous. Especially this (http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/960/960194/img_4857523.html) one.

9 Sep 2007, 10:04
These were already posted in the other thread. :P

9 Sep 2007, 14:50
You're a little slooooooow there, Robz..

14 Sep 2007, 02:00
The game looks amazing! if by some miracle I get a nintendo wii this will be a must have game! although the worms look diffrent in a bad way, I don't know why but I have a feeling that the worms look a lot diffrent.

I'm still disapointed at there being no 3D games since W4 but I can wait, I'm a impatient I mean patient boy.

22 Sep 2007, 14:06
This looks awesome! A 2D Worms is just better then a new 3D Worms (PC)!

25 Oct 2007, 12:58
at least this will be online multiplayer for wii... but I hope it has some kind of player communication built in, cos that's what sucks about the wii right now.

28 Nov 2007, 20:42
New screenshots have been added.