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24 Aug 2007, 02:05
i'm with a problem:
***Error : .\Win32Storage.cpp (440): Unable to open file! (SaveGame.xml) mode = 1
***Error : .\Win32Storage.cpp (440): Unable to open file! (SaveGame.xom) mode = 1

But i past a file(SaveGame.xom) at C:/../Worms 4 Mayhem/data/ than got of the internet and then display just:

***Error : .\Win32Storage.cpp (440): Unable to open file! (SaveGame.xml) mode = 1

Please, send me the code of the SaveGame.xml or send the file SaveGame.xml to

prostoch_ford@yahoo.com THANKS>>>

24 Aug 2007, 02:44
Wait, you're not making any sense. Are you trying to say that you've installed the game, but the game can't load the SaveGame files? That only really happens if you're using a modified SaveGame file, or if you're using a hacked (read: illegal) copy of the game.

24 Aug 2007, 15:18
These are not major errors, these are rather warnings.
If SaveGame.xml can't be found, the game will search for a SaveGame.xom. And if it doesn't exist, then it will create one, and continue.

So the problem doesn't come from these files. Try updating your graphics drivers.

24 Aug 2007, 20:55
Are you sure that the game can't save, or are these just error messages you found and got worried about?