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15 Aug 2007, 23:34
I noticed the worms 3d Cd's along with the rest of the stuff I packed so I decided to try play the game again, it was kinda fun.

Butt, I notice a, actually, quite common problem with a lot of other games I try to play too, The game just goes way too fast. Before I'm able to do anything, 15 seconds goes bye in the game. and whenever I try to attack, the weapon always launches at full power.(unless, of course, I just tap the mouse button, then its half-power.) How can I fix this?

MOBO: ECS Geforce6100SM-M
CPU:AMD Athalon 4200+ (DualCore) ~2.2GHz
RAM:1024MB, DDR2
VIDO: Radeon 1650(pro) Series(sapphire 512MB Vram version)

(I'm also using SATA Harddrives, Would this actually affect anything?)

16 Aug 2007, 09:53
Your computer sounds really powerful, maybe it's like trying to play a dos game on a 2 GHz computer...too fast.

I don't know if there's a cpu speed changing utility out there, but it would probably work in this case. Slow down the clock speed during the game, adn hey presto! Also, what FPS are you getting? Maybe its going past the normal speed and at the max your computer can handle...

23 Aug 2007, 17:14
I can't tell my Framerate in-game, there's no command to do so.
In other games I'm experiencing this problem, its somewhere between 150 and 200, differs from game to game, in Call of Cthulu, its around 50.

As for changing my CPU Clock peed, its not really something you do on a whim like you described, I can do my Videocard, which I should probably do as I think I see artifacts in one of Dystopia's maps.

26 Aug 2007, 18:53
I have exctaly the same problem and almost the same system only Radeon 1600. If you fix please post here.

31 Aug 2007, 00:37
I have the same problem using an a64-4600 and an nvidia 7900.

5 Sep 2007, 09:52
do you guys apply that dual core CPU patch that AMD have released ages ago for there CPU's ?