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26 Jul 2007, 19:55
Welcome to Fort off: the competition where you show of your worms, forts buildings, strategy and achivements. the best fort team wins. IMPORTANT:
Picture is needed to enter the competiton with an official entry this is why my example has no picture.

The winner will recive an official Fort club member ship text that they may quote and use in their signiture[through a private message]. ANYONE CAUGHT COPYING SHALL BE IMFORMED TO THE TEAM17 STAFF AND DEALT WITH ASAP. The Fort club, is an exclsive club made by me, in it, I will give exclusive news and acess through Private messages about worms forts under seige. The club is run by me. there are other competitions that I will make with chances to get in to the club.

There is no example as of yet because this Idea has not been given the green light by the team17 forum as of yet, so please DO NOT POST UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNLESS THIS TEXT IS REMOVED.

26 Jul 2007, 21:04
Please, please try and at least think things out a little before making threads.
1: How the hell are were we supposed to give it 'the green light' if we're not even allowed to post?
2: Team17 staff will do nothing about someone copying someone else's signature. Nothing at all!
3: Why would someone want to copy that quote anyway? It makes no sense.
4: In fact, why have a special quote in the first place? What's wrong with just a "I'm a member of the Forts club"?
5: There is no news about WF:US anymore!

27 Jul 2007, 12:48
No news? well its just a club where people talk about worms forts under seige. I see no harm in this. it is okay If team17 do nothing because if they try to I will tell them that they "have to prove themselves worthy" to keep it, but you are right, I should have thought it out before posting. where is the guy in charge?

31 Jul 2007, 18:10
where is the guy in charge?
I'd tell you, but I'm afraid that you're going to start sending loads of PMs to him about stuff that he won't even care about. Like this.

31 Jul 2007, 18:19
Do you realy know?

But in that case, somone please close this topic!

31 Jul 2007, 18:54
For many of the reasons stated by Plasma, this thread is totally pointless. Team17 staff have much better things to do than worry about someone who has a line of text in their signature (of course, if said text is offensive, then the person in question, and their signature, will be removed from the forum). Might I remind everybody here that Team17 staff are not paid to visit the forums, they are paid to develop games and maintain all the webservers and wormnet servers, etc. And the user mods have absolutely no links to or with Team17 - they are not Team17 staff, nor can they change things like users signatures.

The forum admin already has too much on his plate to worry about things like this, and your PMs would most likely be ignored or put at the very bottom of his huge "To Do" pile.

So, as I see little point to this thread:

*Thread closed*

Any moans, direct them to my PM inbox. But only if they're important.