View Full Version : WN2 - Empty!

11 Jul 2007, 14:04
I've recently installed WWP. Everything is fine, except for WormNet! I log in (using a random user/pass - am I supposed to register?) to find that it is completely empty! No channels, no nothing! Just my username in the top right box.

Any solutions?

11 Jul 2007, 14:24
dont worry about the username and password, imho thats pretty useless anyways, first thing to do would be to check your firewall settings.

11 Jul 2007, 19:52
Hmm, how can there be no channels etc but your username on the top right... Doesn't make sense to me.

11 Jul 2007, 20:55
The WormNet server requires you to make 2 different connections. A HTTP connection (Port: 80) is used to handle logging into the server and keeping track of hosted games. An IRC connection (Port: 6677) is used to handle all other data flow, such as chat and the channel list.

This said problem occurs when something on your computer is preventing you from establishing a connection to WormNet's IRC portion. Try to figure out what this is and then fix it. Sorry I can't be more specific. It's just that I haven't heard exactly what causes this problem and I am too lazy to use the search button.

12 Jul 2007, 08:13
WormNet 2 is NOT empty!!!!!! It is my current home.