View Full Version : Backwards compatability of PS2 titles on the PS3

30 Jun 2007, 12:11
Hi. I haven't owned a console since one of the ones with 10 built in ping pong games in ROM that went bleep bleep boooorp.

I now have a PS3. Quite a quantum leap in technology there. But it is the interaction and the real-live multiplayer online modes are the things that attract me. Plus (to justify this to the wife) you get a free media streamer for showing the family holiday photo's, a Blue Ray disk player to watch chickflicks like Notting Hill and Titanic in Hi Def, and a quiet living room PC that can run Linux for the boys.

One thing that concerns me about buying software titles built for PS2 is whether they'll work or not on the new PS3 hardware.

Can you please tell me if Worms 4 PS2 will work at all on a PS3?

Would it be an idea to state this backward compatabilty for all your titles?


30 Jun 2007, 14:09
PS3 has back-coompat for nearly all PS2 games. It will probably work.

30 Jun 2007, 15:41
PS3 has back-compat for nearly all PS2 games. It will probably work.I have seen mixed reviews on various sites. One site only gave Worms 4 3/5 stars for compatability. Not sure why I should shell out for a game that will "probably work." I'd rather know that it either works 100%, or at least which bits are broken.