View Full Version : Please help me with unlocking 100%

16 Jun 2007, 16:47
1. I've completed all missions and get gold on every one. Also I think I've beaten almost all challenges for gold, and I've unlocked 97%. The game says that I must unlock "Madchester" (sound bank) and "That Angular Chap" (Wormopedia Article). Could you please help me! I don't know what do I need to do. Maybe find some easter eggs? I don't know! Please help!:(

2. In "Grave Danger", the 3rd level in the game, I find an easter egg behind the building on the start of the level (the game says that I've found an easter egg), but when I finish the level (with gold, of course), nothing new is unlocked (the 1st time, I didn't find that easter egg, but the 2nd or maybe 3rd time I've found it and nothing new was unlocked!:() Please tell me what is this easter egg for if anybody know.

Thanx in advance! :)

16 Jun 2007, 17:51
It just unlocks an extra soundbank. You probably didn't notice it when it showed the "Mission Rewards".

9 Mar 2008, 08:00
ok your a friggen genious....or are you? (yeah! confusing sarcasm!) anyway your corect, i'v had trouble with the same thing. 2 eastereggs (i hope they're the same if you don't have ps2,but since you didn't specify, YOUR FAULT) 1 (madchester) is on schools in for summer, the wormapeidia enter is an easter egg on the level Showdownat the ok choral reef ( if i screwd somthing up, sorry) p.s. robourmz is correct about th horrer thing(sound bank) NO I WONT TELL WHERE THEY ARE find it yourself! (maybe if ask me nicley...)