View Full Version : Online Problem

1 Jun 2007, 01:29
Are there any Team 17 staff members here? I want to know why I can`t delete my Lemmings 2 stages that are online. It keeps making an error: Online Operation Failed. If there are any, please reply because this puzzles me and for some strange reason, I can`t delete my own online levels. I`m talking about the PSP one just to let you know.

2 Jun 2007, 16:30
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

3 Jun 2007, 21:14
Have you contacted Sony about this error? The problem is more likely going to be with their network, not with Team17's code.

5 Jun 2007, 02:50
How do I contact Sony? I don`t think they will reply to me since that`s a company.