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17 May 2007, 03:55
Wormnet is just completely dead.
People cannot join my games, and whenever I try to join one either it times out, or gives an "Armageddon error" in which I am disconnected.
Any help? I want to unleash some squishy pink hell! ;)

17 May 2007, 07:14
Which game are you talking about?

If noone can join your game you need to configure your firewall to allow connections from outside on the correct port. If you have a router, your need to forward the same port to your computer.

If you can't join anyone, look for people that have set their firewalls/routers correctly.

17 May 2007, 14:11
If you can't join any of other people's games, it's possible that an application is blocking outgoing connections to the port 17011. If you are connecting from a school, dormitory or company network, it's possible that they are blocking access to this port on purpose. You should contact your network administrator.

If the above doesn't apply to you, please tell us more about your Internet connection.

17 May 2007, 23:38
If the above doesn't apply to you, please tell us more about your Internet connection.

Ok. This computer is connected to the internet twice, because it's actually a mac running boot camp. I have a wireless gateway, but this one is connected to the ethernet. Everything else works fine, and I just installed Windows XP a few days ago, so no firewall that I know about. Oh, and it's WA.
(Greatest game evah!)

18 May 2007, 01:23
Check if anything (a firewall, or a router's/gateway's configuration) isn't blocking port 17011. There are some hints on nanacide (http://www.nanacide.com/wahelp/wnguide-noconnect2.php).

Configuring hosting might help, or at least let you find the problem. See this page (http://www.nanacide.com/wahelp/wnguide-nohost.php) on how to set up W:A game hosting.

18 May 2007, 15:42
Thanks! Played Wormnet, got my butt kicked, but it's all good!
PS: I looked and looked, but couldn't find the WFW (Walk for Weapons) maps?
Anyone know where to find them?
PPS:Thanks a million! :D

18 May 2007, 16:06

Fill your boots.

There's probably some others at www.blamethepixel.com , but I find the wmdb easier to search through when it comes to maps.