View Full Version : Help vista with worms mayhem an mousemovement

8 May 2007, 18:01
I need help with vistaan worms mayhem. if i wont to start the game its says that i need administrator rights. however i can get the game running if i use a no-cd crack. i do have the original but at least i get the game running this way. however then i cant move the mouse nor use the keyboard in the w4 menu. i`ve read that a lot of people cant run the game with vista at all. but since i can get it started i should work somehow????

8 May 2007, 20:12
mabey you should get administrator rights, by which i mean play on the administrator login [i think] what do you mean by no cd crack? it proberly only works a little bit [and got past the admin rights part] so no-one else chose to make a no crack cd, so thats why it doesnt work. the copy disk doesn't work because the original was copy right protected, so somehow i dont think it should work.

9 May 2007, 10:45
Iam logged in as administrator, but it still says that i dont have the rights. I dont even get to the point where it ask me for my cd-key.

9 May 2007, 17:04
well there is a big problem with worms4mayhem not working on vista. mabey its not supposed to work. when they made worms 4 mayhem in 2005, they proberly had no idea about vista existing, so its not realy there fault for not making it only compatible with windows xp and windows 98. so like i said before, mabey its not supposed to work, if the mouse+keyboard freeze all the time, then its proberly the cd crack.

15 May 2007, 00:57
i doubt its the cd crack, if it was the cd crack the game just wouldnt work at all, its likely to just be a vista issue, they'll probably release a vista patch soon if they havent done so already, vista is a new OS expect this to happen with a lot of games for a while lol