View Full Version : Worms Forts Unlocking new items

30 Apr 2007, 09:31
I've got a ittle question here..

i've just bought worms forts : under sige for the ps2, great game, but:

after finishing a lotta levels I still only have 1 extra multiplayer map?
If I remember correctly in worms 3d one would get every map he finished in the campaign, but in worms forts there's only these:
* Best Defense: Mission 17
* Check Mate: Mission 8
* Construction Junction: Mission 6 (was already there)
* Monkey Troop: Mission 5 (I got to mission 10, no sign of this map though)
* The Blue Dragon: Mission 13
* The Great Wall Brawl: Mission 11
* The Question Of Faith: Mission 19
* The Ship Of Fools: Mission 14
* Tower Of Power: Mission 16
* Under Construction: Mission 3 (was already there)

Are these really the only unlockable maps in the game?

8 May 2007, 20:03
Unlocked items are dependant on what award you get. You get more stuff for getting gold on a mission than you do for bronze or silver.

And that list (which I believe you got from IGN, and is supposed to cover all unlockables) is horribly wrong!