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16 Mar 2007, 17:52
I have Brought Worms Forts Under Seige, most things are fine Except that when I do mission 7 and I've unlocked the Americian news reader voice bank I cant assign it to a team, I looked in the forum and found a thread[not this one] that a leader of the website put up it said about my problem:- 3.13 I have unlocked the American News Reader speech bank but why can't I select it?
After completing Mission 7 this speech bank is unlocked and listed within the Percentage Complete section. It is not currently possible to select this item from within the Team Setup screen and assign it to a team. This problem may be addressed in a future patch for PC, but will not be addressed for European console versions.

I have a pc and there isnt a patch for it, as I am fairly new, I have no Idea wether:
1: the staff that makes the game[sega/team 17] have moved on to better things, and theirfore completely forgot about it.
2: the patch IS somewhere but I havent looked hard enougth for it.

please can somone tell me where/if the patch exists, if so thanks.

p.s. if none of the people on this forum say anything about the problem, does this mean that nowoneis as upset as i am, or the problem is solved for them?

16 Mar 2007, 18:29
There is no Worms Forts patch out, and thus that soundbank can't be unlocked properly.
Most likely, Team17 won't release a patch either! Especially as they seem to be a but underhanded in staff.

16 Mar 2007, 22:59
That would be "shorthanded" or "understaffed"

Unless T17 really are involved in dodgy dealing :p