View Full Version : A few weird glitches in the DS version

6 Mar 2007, 21:25
I set the scheme to only 'nanas. The AI went along with this but then they somehow shot a mine, even though they had none. Later, they tried to shoot a nade, and it didn't actually fire, no power bar appeared but it made loads of 'weapon powerup' noises, then skipped to my turn. Another thing I found, is that if the AI is shooting a fused weapon, if you select their weapon before they fire it, then press X you can change their fuse to values > 5 and the weapon will actually adopt that fuse.

EDIT: I just did a multiplayer game, and it was the end of my turn, it went onto the next guy but still stayed zoomed into mine. He moved the camera back to his, but it still stayed on mine. He tride moving, and BOTH HIS WORM AND MINE MOVED! He couldn't select any weapon, but he walked my worm onto a mine and it skipped his "real" go all together and went on to the next person :confused:

21 Mar 2007, 15:17
You expecting a patch?

21 Mar 2007, 19:52
No, they're just funny :p