View Full Version : Lemmings 2 on PSP?

9 Jan 2007, 22:56
Got this result when i was searching for 'Lemmings' on www.cdon.com!? :eek:
(choose a scandinavien site, they have games)

1 Lemmings 2006-10-18 459 kr Kjp

2 Lemmings 2006-03-15 459 kr Kjp

3 Lemmings 2 2007-02-15

9 Jan 2007, 23:18
I don`t find it.

10 Jan 2007, 22:01
I cant give a direct link, but choose eks. the Norwegian site, at the top of the website you find a search-engine with a button called 'sk' (search). Type in Lemmings, and push the button for my results...

10 Jan 2007, 22:22
I cant give a direct link
You didn't see the link called "Direktlnk" on the bottom, huh? ;)

10 Jan 2007, 23:47
There is no new PSP edition of the game we've done for PS3, sorry.

12 Jan 2007, 22:29
Ok!? So CDon is just confused... :(
But at least it was a good idea... ;)

28 Jan 2007, 19:18
There is no new PSP edition of the game we've done for PS3, sorry.

Sony could give lemmings to someone else couldnt they ? they own the rights to it

So there could be a lemmings 2

28 Jan 2007, 21:25
Yeah they could - seems a bit odd when we've redeveloped all the tools and tech for that platform :) Its all down to Sony really. Lemmings did ok on PSP, so we'll see.

29 Jan 2007, 17:39
I can't see Sony planning another PSP Lemmings game, though. Not unless they decide to redesign and retool the PSP to make it a halfway decent console. That Lemmings was subsequently ported to the PS2 shows to me just how little faith SCEE have in the handheld.

I'm glad Team 17 ahve become Sony's "Go To" guys for Lemmings. Considering the superb effort put into the PSP/PS2 version - I've yet to try the PS3 version, although that's on my "Things to do in LA" list - but I don't doubt it'll be just as good.

4 Feb 2007, 10:28
A number of Australian game sites are listing the release of "Lemmings 2" - including gamehead.com.au. The date is March 15, 2007.

I was interested to see if it was a new game or a remake of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. That would be nice.