View Full Version : Bazooka Proof Worms? Help Please

30 Dec 2006, 01:14
Hi all,
I have a weird problem, in WFUS I can shoot straight through a worm at close range and not damage him.
If I remember correctly there was a fix for this involving editing a file with a Hex Editor and just changing 2 sets of numbers.
I have searched the forums this one and other sites but cannot find any reference to it any where so any help would be greatly appreciated as I might be able to get past the RISE of The MONKS this time round.
My old PC was not man enough to cope with the extended jet packing in the rise of the monks so I never completed it and forgot about the game, but my new one is more than man enough so hope to complete it this time round.
Thanks again

30 Dec 2006, 02:13
Next time, move backwards a very small amount. There's no need to have the gun right in the worm's eye.

30 Dec 2006, 03:13
Thanks Plasma,
I know that, and one can always fire at the ground just in front of the worm, but if the worm you want to hit is on the skyline hitting the ground infront of him is not always easy.
Thanks again