View Full Version : Problem running Worms Forts

28 Oct 2006, 22:38
We've just installed Worms Forts but we can't run the game. When launched, it gets as far as the Press any key to continue screen but when we press a key the problem exits back to Windows.

We have the same problem with Worms 4 as well. We installed worms 4 and played it to the end and it was fine. We uninstalled it and when we reinstalled it, it would not run, it would get to the press any key to continue screen and then it would exit.

The problem is that we've just bought Worms Forts and we can't play it.

Please help.

System spec:
PC running Windows XP Pro
2GB Ram
nVIDIA 6200 graphics card
2.66 P4 Processor
Direct X 9.0c installed

All drivers are up to date.

4 Nov 2006, 17:37
Have you tried reinstalling (or in the case of W4M rereinstalling) both games?

5 Nov 2006, 00:59
Yes, lots of times, but no avail. I'm at a loss. I thought perhaps it was my graphics card but an FX6200 with hardware T&L should be enough, surely? :(

5 Nov 2006, 09:16
Try http://forum.team17.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=45