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11 Oct 2006, 03:36
Hi guys, I just purchased Worms Open Warfare YAY! But when I got home I noticed the game disc wasn't in the holder...it was just sitting in there freely moving around. Should I take it back? Is it like a normal disc where it could be damaged, or is it fine because of the plastic? I don't know much about UMD's...thanks in advance :)

11 Oct 2006, 08:00
How bout loading it up and testing if the game works? :p

11 Oct 2006, 08:01
It should be fine but if the disc is damaged then whoever you bought it from should be able to replace it.

A UMD is a bit like a MiniDisc - the disc itself is indeed protected by the plastic casing.

11 Oct 2006, 10:21
I don't think a portable machine would last long if its games couldn't take that much punishment.

11 Oct 2006, 15:37
UMDs aren't supposed to be removed from their plastic casing (you would have to break it to do so) and they have to be in the casing to use them in the drive. If it's still it that casing and the actual disc isn't scratched then no problems.

11 Oct 2006, 16:19
That UMD plastic thingy easily breaks off... Loads of people I know got this problem.
My poor Twisted Metal :( (still works though, but it's noisy as hell)

11 Oct 2006, 19:42
I have this problem, but The see-through plastic cover (on the side of the UMD where the label is) on most of mine is loose. I have to get it in the right place to get it to work. If it's too far in, it stops the disk from turning, and too far out it gets stuck in the PSPs

That's my bro's PSP.

The console of my choice, from that, is a DS lite (woot! I have one!)

11 Oct 2006, 19:47
The console of my choice, from that, is a DS lite

Agreed. I like the idea of more common* handheld gaming but the PSP is awkward and uncomfortable to play, in my opinion.

*By common I mean 'd-pad and face buttons' type gaming - I like the idea of a nice big screen, lots of power, gaming without a stylus etc.