View Full Version : problems with online gaming

16 Aug 2006, 01:33
i tried today to play with a friend but the game exits when its barely starting (the game shows up like 1 second and go out)
then worms says there was connections errors and stuff, but both of us get back to the lobby, without crashing or disconnecting
what could we do?

16 Aug 2006, 05:04
This is a problem that's been around since launch. I'm afriad there is nothing you can do, it's pretty much impossbile to play this game online.

16 Aug 2006, 17:06
so, that's why there's nobody there :/

18 Aug 2006, 17:18
and why is there nobody from team17 who does something for the online gamers....???:mad:

19 Aug 2006, 03:12
all we can conclude is that the game didnt become such popular as w:a
it's a pitty

200 ponies
20 Aug 2006, 19:53
dont work, never will. Unless Team 17 can be bothered 2 do a patch but there 2 busy doing a xbox360 live arcade game
Edit: Also this thread has been submitted multiple times so next time please be bothered 2 look through the forums thank you.

21 Aug 2006, 18:24
sorry, i though the forum was as dead as the online game