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9 Aug 2006, 11:24
Hey just bought worms and wanting to play across wormnet so I can improve a bit but I have no idea how to get it to connect. Ive got my ip, and ive got my proxy ip dont know the number but when I click test connection it gives a unable to find ixp or something like that. I have version beta. And I would really like to be able to play now :-). There is no simple guide on how to set it up and ive read every post in the wormNET 1 and 2 forum. Please can someone help by giving me a step by step guide to setting it up.

9 Aug 2006, 11:28
My ip was a certain number yesterday and today a couple of digits have changed. Grrr this whole thing drives me in sain. Please someone help me with first and second post. Again sorry for the double post.

9 Aug 2006, 11:45
It's the same problem. You have an active IP address and possibly a firewall and/or a router.

Read the "Tutorials: Joining/Hosting on WormNET" section of this web-site: http://www.nanacide.com/wahelp/

9 Aug 2006, 11:56
Thankx alot hope it works :-)

9 Aug 2006, 12:38
*Tears hair out* What the heck do I do ive tryed averything and I also dont know it a speedtouch 330 box thing is a router please I really need serious help.

9 Aug 2006, 13:29
Speedtouch 330 is a modem, not a router.

What happens after you run the [properly patched] game and click on the WormNet rectangle? What are your network settings inside the game?

10 Aug 2006, 11:49
Ok I enter my ip and my proxy ip and the number. Then I test and it says unable to detect ipx protocal. After I try running and I get a fatal error. Ive tryed wormnat and that just gives the same error and no help. So please could someone find a way for me to get on wormnet. ONe more thing ive just found out is that it says proxy disabled img uessing I might need to enable it. That is when I take a test.

10 Aug 2006, 13:54
The IPX protocol not being detected isn't a problem.

You enable or disable the use of a proxy by ticking and unticking the "Enable firewall support" box. Most proxies don't allow you to host games, but you should be fine getting online.

Even so, why are you using a proxy in the first place? If your ISP provides one for browsing the internet only, you should untick the firewall support box and try without putting a proxy address in, just your external IP in the box on the right hand side of the network options menu.

On the other hand, if you do need to use the proxy provided, perhaps it doesn't allow traffic on some of the ports required. In that case you'd probably have to phone your ISP and ask them about it.

11 Aug 2006, 13:49
--I got WA
--I get the newest patch/update for xp. or something like that
--I go into the section where you should be able to connect to wormnet
--I got to configure I enter my computers ip
--I click force ip
--I click test
--The test says I have no proxy and unable to find IPX protocol
--I do something cant remember what to make proxy enabled and then sort the IPX protocol out.
--I wish it would work
--It comes up with fatal error when connecting to wormnet
--I try wormNAT cant make head or tails of it and it still gives the same error after config.
--Ive tryed meddeling with the proxy firewall settings and let symantec norton 2005 let the ports through.
--I've set it to accept all internet connects tions from WA
--I madly scan the forums for some sense in the matter.
Ok so thats a low down and I really am stuck for more ideas. Is there anyway I can get wormNET to work and when you say enter my external ip do you mean just my normal computers ip address? If not please tell me what it is. 'Im looking for a step by step guide of how to set this up because its driving me crazy.

P.S Incase you want to know
I have a thomson speedtouch 330 modem
Im with orange internet
(preveously wannado)
I have symantec norton 2005 firewall, anti virus.

If your wanting to know what Im asking its just how on earth am 'I' supposed to sort out this problem because it drives me crazy and yes ive used www.nanocide.com/wahelp. Please I need your help!!!

11 Aug 2006, 14:28
You can't really get more help than what's on the Nanacide web-site.

Have you tried turning the Norton firewall off completely?

Also since you apparently have an active IP address, read through this web-site and see if it helps: http://www.no-ip.com/services/managed_dns/free_dynamic_dns.html

11 Aug 2006, 14:40
okay, eliminate what is causing the problem.

1. go into & edit the w:a network configuration, do not force the ip and do not put anything into the ip field as you may be assigned a dynamic IP by your ISP when you connect which your PC should detect... once that is crossed off our list and if you have...

2. no luck, check exactly what your IP is here (http://www.lawrencegoetz.com/programs/ipinfo/) (just in case). Now enter that into the config section of w:a and force the ip again, and see if connecting works...

2.1. After reading your second post it appears you do a dynamic IP address, so you will want to download Worms IP override ... you can get this here: http://www.blamethepixel.com/file.php?id=0876 ... IIRC this can be run in the startup folder so that it will set worms armageddons IP automatically to your current IP address whenever windows Starts, or you can make a shortcut for worms.IP.Override which will set w:a to your IP address and will then run W:A ...

3. if no luck, disable your firewall and try to connect to wormnet... if this works, then you know it's your firewall blocking access and you will probably need to make 100% sure that you have "allowed" the application full rights in your firewall application. You may also want to open the following ports for the WA.exe application so that you can host games and chat on wormnet: 80, 6667, 17010, 17011, 17012

4. Still not working? then do what KRD said... ring your ISP.

11 Aug 2006, 20:28
vahagn krd Thankyou very much wormNET works at last and I am very pleased. Thankyou!!!

11 Aug 2006, 21:50
Hi-5, Vah!

Diablo vt
11 Aug 2006, 22:19
Finally. Well done anyway.