View Full Version : wont start...

24 Jul 2006, 18:36
i cant seem to get the game to start.... it gets to the last load screen and then goes back to my desktop, it doesnt list any error just exits.... i have windows xp pro, geforce 2 ti on this computer, and 1gig of ram i figure it should be able to run off that anyone know anything i can do?

25 Jul 2006, 17:55
The lowest Geforce card with Ti was the Geforce 3 Ti200.
So it is hardly possible, that you have a Geforce 2 ti.
Check that again.
Although the Geforce 2 series is listed on the box, that might still be your problem. It might not have enough power.

Also, check the forum for similar threads, I think there were a couple of other people with the same problem.

Of course you should try the usual stuff. Get the latest drivers, stop all other programs running in the background, check whether your firewall ends the game (protocols), try running it without the videos.

Nicky Dez
23 Aug 2006, 15:22
I had the same problem, but then some computer guy came round and fixed it it cost like 20 but it was worth it lol i think he got us a new graphics card or something.. because some of our other games seemed to work more appropriately after it.