View Full Version : Can I play Worms 4 Mayhem PC with No DVD drive

14 Jul 2006, 13:08
OK, I'm new so sorry to ask such a lame question but we bought the game Worms 4 Mayhem PC today for use on the only computer in the house that doesnt have a DVD drive. (Didnt think to check the box) It has a CD drive only. Tried downloading the disk onto our network, in order to get it onto the machine, this went OK.

But it wont play on the right computer without the DVD in the drive and, of course, when we place it in the CD drive it doesnt recognise it.

All the other computers are for work and unavailable to play on (boring I know).

I dont want to breach any useage T&Cs here, but I would like to avoid upgrading that computer to install a DVD drive.

Any advice? Or should I take the game back to the shop?:o

15 Jul 2006, 16:26
You have the following options:
-Play the game on a computer with a DVD drive.
-Do something probably illegal and not very easy.
-Don't play the game.
-Get the trymedia version and play that (it's distributed over the internet and doesn't need a dvd). I'm not fond of trymedia, but it may be your best option in this case.