View Full Version : Um help again?

22 May 2006, 23:37
How do you get the rd bull and sheep strike ive tried with crates but I only get doctor strike and sticky bombs...

23 May 2006, 13:43
There is an irritating bug in unpatched European versions of the game that prevents superweapons from appearing in the crate. I'm pretty sure Red Bull and Sheep Strike fall into the superweapon category.

If you have the European PC version of the game, then you need to patch it from www.worms3d.com - the USA version should be pre-patched, eliminating the crate bug.

If you have the EU PS2, XBox or GameCube version, then there's nothing that can be done, sorry :(

26 May 2006, 06:38
I dunno, i never used sheep strike, but i've gotten the red bull before.

But i have the australian version...

26 May 2006, 15:18
Red Bull is commonish. I nealy always have it. (In game and reality)
I never see sheep-strike except in that mission with the snowy place.

26 May 2006, 20:07
There isn't a playable Sheep Strike. It just appears in that mission.