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3 Sep 2005, 01:17
I have read the other DM 9 thread, but it only provides me with stuff for the first 2 turns. I have won all Dms, including 10, and I beat the Team 17 times for all but DM 9. I seriously am getting X TREMELY FRUSTRATED!!!! with that level. I hate it, and it is, for me, harder than DM 7. Uhh I have no luck! Please, if you can, explain to me step by step what to do to win in the 10 minutes provided. Try not to involve much luck, please. Your help will be appreciated! Thanks...

ice cold
3 Sep 2005, 10:12
That level is luck.
But I don't mean the kind of luck that the enemy shoots itself - I mean collecting crates. You can collect Flood and "Sick it to them" mystery crate. Those things in the beginning of the battle can almost guarantee a victory under 10 min.

But if you keep losing, I think that today i'll start my DM 9 guide.

3 Sep 2005, 10:21
I did it by poisening all the worms at the beginning.

3 Sep 2005, 10:42
try to et a big hole in the middle of the level so you can see the water. kill some worms while you're doing this. then just use the bazooka to shoot m all in. that's how i got it

4 Sep 2005, 11:47
That level is luck.

No it isn't. You can do all challenges in time, just with skill and practise.
OK, you shouldn't have bad luck.
Even for good times you don't need luck.
Only if you want to get excellent times luck is needed.

It really is hard to do a step by step guide for this deathmatch, as it takes a lot of steps, unlike DM10, for example, that you do in 5 moves.

Step 1: Bat the enemy on the barn into the water (go there by jetpack)

Step 2: There's a worm standing on the roof of one building. There's a barrel behind it. Hit both with your bazooka and the worm will be hurt and poisoned. Stand by the front post.

Step 3: Go forward a little so you can use the poison arrow on the worm by the gate.

Now it's really just poisoning the remaining enemy worms.
At some point two of them will have sufficiently low lifepoints to take them both out with the shotgun. Or they stand close enough together to kill them with dynamite or some other weapon.
Once all worms are poisoned you can kill at least one a turn.

Although the enemy-worms do pretty much the same things every time, it's hard to give a more precise step-by-step guide.

Just practise, practise, practise. And analyse the enemy.

29 Nov 2006, 17:00
Stupid map, it took me ages to finish it... Its so unfair, they have kickass weapons and are double as many, but the key to completing this is poison, i did it by poisoning almost all, there are two worms that you can poison with one arrow

1 Feb 2008, 20:44
I just cant poison them all, I always loe a worm or waste a turn, do you have any more tips for me please?
It so unfair their weapons are devastating and you start with weak weapons, and they all have 100 HP!

1 Feb 2008, 21:12
Why not? It's a relevant question.

2 Feb 2008, 07:00
Which are the two worms u can poison with 1 arrow?

2 Feb 2008, 09:26
I finally completed Dm 9, do u have any tips for dm 10?
(DM = Death match)

2 Feb 2008, 09:32
Just try your best.:D i did it eventually.