View Full Version : Issues with PS2 version

8 Aug 2005, 18:27

Couldn't find this on any other search so thought I'd post- I've got issues with the Forts PS2 edition. The game seems to play alright (there's a little bit of lag and control issues occasionally) EXCEPT for after I complete the last Asian mission, Fall, rise, fall... oh whatever (or something like that). Everytime I finish the mission, the PS2 crashes. It seems to crash as its trying to access the screen after the finishing movie. This is the second CD I've tried (after having exchanged the first one at Best Buy for a new one) and i've had the same problem with both CDs. Any help? I'd really like to finish the game to unlock all the goodies. Thanks in advance!

19 Oct 2005, 19:06
I have the same problem. I've changed the discs, I've tried playing in several Playstations, I've played the level several times, and it happens all the time.

22 Dec 2006, 16:23
I have the same problem. Is there a workaround?