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23 Nov 2004, 16:50
This will hopefully stop all those other threads about the same topic :rolleyes:

How to Change the Resolution

From the FAQ:

- 5.7 How do I change the in-game resolution from 800x600 mode?
Worms Forts is set at this particular resolution to ensure the game runs optimally on minimum specification systems. It is however possible to increase the resolution if you so wish. In order to change the game from the default 800x600 resolution the shortcut must be manually modified. Note that this option may be combined with the manual windowed mode setting in point 5.6 also.

- Right click on desktop or start menu shortcut
- Select Properties
- Select Target:
- At the end of line entry, add a space and type preferred resolution such as /RES=1024x768
- Select OK
- Run the game via the modified shortcut
- Repeat this procedure and remove the amendment if you wish to restore default settings

View the FAQ forum for more FAQ's.

Where's the Launcher

AndrewTaylor has created this useful launcher.

Click here to view it: http://forum.team17.co.uk/showpost.php?p=330234&postcount=22

19 Dec 2004, 19:27
Just so you know, here is the new version of the Launcher (v1.2) which includes the following amazing updates:

> Automatically sets height based on width (assuming 3:4 ratio).
> New "About" box, with new stolen picture.
> Better icons (they're grenades now -- one from W3D; one from WFUS).
> No longer uses Windows console (which is the DOS prompt looking thing) to run games.
> About 15.4 kB smaller!