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17 Jun 2004, 17:08
I decided to start this thread in the hope that it would become sticky and hopefully discourage hundreds of newbies from starting threads asking for help with missions.

http://www.blamethepixel.com/starworms/walkthroughs.php has excellent walkthroughs for all of the missions. If anyone has any questions regarding the walkthroughs could they please post them here rather than starting a new thread for that purpose. Thank you :)

This thread is not for asking for help in missions. There is a walkthrough for every mission in the game at the above URL. If you can't be bothered to read it, please don't post. - Andrew

Star Worms
17 Jun 2004, 17:36
http://www.starworms.blamethepixel.com/walkthrough.php also shows which missions unlock what:)

17 Jun 2004, 17:40
No, this (http://forum.team17.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18481) thread should be stickied

*hopes Star Worms will finally notice and upload his updated Crate Britain guide*

Star Worms
17 Jun 2004, 17:55
No, this (http://forum.team17.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18481) thread should be stickied

*hopes Star Worms will finally notice and upload his updated Crate Britain guide*heh sorry. I didn't see the post in the thread in this forum and when I saw the post on BTP you hadn't edited your post and added the pic:p. Uploading the new pic as I speak type.

18 Jun 2004, 20:22
Can you help me with the mission Trial Of The Damned?
I can't jump on the fourth island (the one on the left after you pass the roap) i don't know where to put my worm, and when i look for a shortest distance and i position my worm on the edge it always falls down whwn I jump!
i looked at your walktrough but it didn't help me
Does my worm get any jump lenght if i do all of the missions gold?


Star Worms
18 Jun 2004, 20:53
Have you tried frontflipping and pressing 'W'? It is possible since I completed this level without using any utilities...

21 Jun 2004, 09:16

i did the teleport but he jus prodded me back!

and thanks every1 that help star wif the walkthrough! ;)

21 Jun 2004, 10:57
There's a few spots on the big plane where you can't be prodded off. I tested the guide myself, since i wrote it!

21 Jun 2004, 11:10
There's a few spots on the big plane where you can't be prodded off. I tested the guide myself, since i wrote it! I completed that mission by marking out bazooka aiming spots... or what to say :-/

Star Worms
21 Jun 2004, 16:12
I could add a bit to that guide. If you aim *just* above the tip of the left wing of the top plane (i think it's the top plane) you hit 2 planes down!:D

22 Jun 2004, 15:22
You missed an easter egg:

Mission A QUICK FIX:

Go to the keyboard and jump on the letters T, E, A, M, 1, 7 and you got an easter egg. (the "fixing manual" on the table tells this!)

Star Worms
22 Jun 2004, 16:49
Thanks:) (I thought it was a bit empty Easter Egg-wise but I couldn't pinpoint it)

28 Jun 2004, 23:51
star worms could you plz give me a more detailed guide on how to complete Mission Crate britian?
iam very confused ...thanks
-Tomw1021 :D

Star Worms
29 Jun 2004, 15:25
Screenshot of where to go: http://starworms.blamethepixel.com/cratebritain.jpg

Follow the pink line with your first worm, get as far as you can and jump over any gaps eg. The bridge. If you don't get to the end in 1 go, don't worry, I don't think I did either (although I may be wrong since it's been about half a year since I did this mission) but I still got gold. Keep following the pink line and jump down from the island with Boggy Pete onto the small hovering island. Then jump onto the next and collect the crate. If you have enough time, use the jetpack you just collected and fly over to the tall island at the other end and collect the crate on there, then you've completed the mission. The goal is to collect the crate on the tall island. To do this you need to collect the jetpack on the other side of the map to get over there. Use your radar to help direct yourself when flying with the jetpack.

29 Jun 2004, 20:44
ok...thank you very much!

double post edit:

star worms...lol i just encountered another problem with this mission...
you told me to go onto the bridge(the wooden one right?) well once iam on it
how do i get over the gaps? when i click on the jump button all i do is fall into the water?
plz help
thank you
-Tomw1021 :)

29 Jun 2004, 21:04
You can use the "forward" button in conjunction with the "jump" button in order to execute a longer forwards jump.

Star Worms
29 Jun 2004, 21:35
If you press forwards and tap jump twice you can do a forward flip too. It's worth mastering.

29 Jun 2004, 21:37
ok... which buttons for gamecube? because that is the system iam playing it on...are you talking about the d-pad foward or the gray circular button( i dont know wut it is called) that moves?

29 Jun 2004, 21:40
ok... which buttons for gamecube? because that is the system iam playing it on...are you talking about the d-pad foward or the gray circular button( i dont know wut it is called) that moves?

Either. If it moves the worm on the terrain, then it'll move the worm in the air :)

29 Jun 2004, 21:40
Use the Control Stick (NOT the yellow stick) to change distance for jumps, and use B for jumps. Practice using the flip (use forward and tap B two times quickly for a frontflip; press B twice quickly without using the Control Stick for a backflip) ; you will need to use it later in the game.

29 Jun 2004, 22:05
thank you all soooo much!!! i just completed the mission!
thank you all tons!
-Tomw1021 :)

4 Sep 2004, 13:59
I need help on
Rangnarok and roll.

I don't get how you're suposed to clear it!

HELP PLEASE!!!! :eek:

4 Sep 2004, 14:42
I decided to start this thread in the hope that it would become sticky and hopefully discourage hundreds of newbies from starting threads asking for help with missions.

http://www.blamethepixel.com/starworms/walkthroughs.php has excellent walkthroughs for all of the missions. If anyone has any questions regarding the walkthroughs could they please post them here rather than starting a new thread for that purpose. Thank you :)

ok shilag, you were directedto this thread so you could find the link ion the above quote, not to resurect threads.

4 Sep 2004, 19:12
ok shilag, you were directedto this thread so you could find the link ion the above quote, not to resurect threads.

But when I opend star worms walkthrough
it just said:
Can't find the page!" :mad:

But don't worry.
I tried again now and now it worked. :D
So thanks Star worms and Thank you all... :cool:

8 Sep 2004, 17:49
Add that you can open the chute straight away if you press space, to make Worm & The Beanstalk much easier :)

9 Sep 2004, 20:41
can anybody tell me what to do with the sleep to help the colonel get to sleep?

9 Sep 2004, 20:56
can anybody tell me what to do with the sleep to help the colonel get to sleep?

Please read the first post in this thread. This thread is not for asking about mission help.

23 Oct 2004, 13:52
all crates needed on "rum deal"

17 Mar 2005, 13:29
HELP :eek:
How can i get gold at ''Worms And The Beanstalk'' ???
And how can i unlock ''Addiction 2?'' ???
PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND, these are the last things which remains me to get 100%

8 Jun 2005, 14:02
I'm a little stuck on "Plaice Holder", but my problem is that I can't get the girder deselected! Whenever I press the Jump button, the girder just gets bigger, and when I press it again, it goes small again. The only time it goes away, is if I use it up, then I fail the mission. What must I do?

Star Worms
29 Jun 2005, 18:33
terminate4: Have a look at the walkthroughs on the link at the top of the thread.
VeeGatomon: Press the jump button (Backspace for PC)

21 Oct 2005, 13:44
Someone can tell me how throw down the girder in boatshed.
My worm is blocked with the grinder on heands.

Sorry for bad english

29 Nov 2005, 05:22
Is this site no longer available or just down momentarily?



Star Worms
30 Nov 2005, 13:25
Well the files are still there, the site just doesn't work for some reason. It might be to do with Zog changed the hosting plan for blamethepixel, I'll look into it.

Star Worms
30 Nov 2005, 23:12
I don't know how long it will be until it's working again so I'm posting a copy of it here:


Turns 1-3: Get to the cliff the Nazis are on and skip go right under it. The enemy won't be able to attack you.
Turn 4: Collect the utility crate and fly up to the Nazis. Kill someone and hide in the bunker.

Now, just jetpack on top of the cliff and kill the enemy, anything, from zook to a firepunch can kill one worm

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Crate Britain

This mission, naturally, is quite easy as it is the first one. The aim is to get a utility crate which has a jetpack in it, and then fly and collect another crate on a remote island.
On your first turn, walk the worm forwards to the nearest ‘cliff’ (more of a steep hill, though). You will need to do a backflip (or two, smaller jumps) to get on top of this piece of land.
Keep on walking forwards and over the nearby bridge. Don’t worry about the enemy worm nearby, as it won’t harm you, and there is no need to kill it.
Once you come off the bridge, follow the ‘path’ marked in the ground round to a wooden plank bridge. Don’t worry about collecting the utility crate near here. If you have time, get onto the bridge, but don’t worry if you don’t.
After the enemy’s turn, select ‘skip go’ to skip the go of your second worm. If you want you can kill this worm now, but if you leave it alive, the enemies will tend to shoot it rather than your first worm.
When it is the first worm’s go again, carry on walking over the bridge. You will need to do a double-jump (or forward-moving backflip) to clear the gaps. When you reach the end, jump up onto the landmass in front of you.
Wait for your first worm to have it’s next turn, then move round to the right hand side of the island. Jump onto the smaller islands beneath you to reach the utility crate.
Collect the jetpack, and turn round 180 degrees and fly to the small, far-away island and collect the final crate to complete the mission.

Click Here to See a Screenshot showing where to go.

Walkthrough by thomasp
Screenshot by xXSpIDerXx

Grave Danger

You start on the bridge facing the angel, turn around and move toward the house, start going around the house starting on the left, you need to collect 4 crates, then go back towards the graveyard, the brown mounds are graves, if you place a grenade on any of them, when it blows up a grave you inside may be either a health crate or a curse, collect the crates, once you have all 4 you have won!
The 1st grave on the left, the 3rd on the left, the 3rd on the right and 4th on the right are the health crate graves, if you dont want to memorise that it is quite simply the ones where the grave stones have wings or halos, the ones with horns and pitchforks are curses.

Easter Egg

Around the back of the house there is a small round mound, it has no grave stone but it is a grave, if you blow this up you will have unlocked an easter egg!

Walkthrough by pilot62

A Leek In The Vegetable Patch

Turn 1: Collect all of the utility crates, and teleport to a safe high spot, like the shovel's handle or the fence's corners
Turn 2: Teleport to a safe high spot, like the shovel's handle or the fence's corners
Turn 3: Same as in Turn 2
Turn 4: One of the enemy worms is sitting on a barrel in the furthest corner. Carefully reach that barrel, shoot the worm into the water and sit on its highest spot.

Now you need to shoot the enemy down. After a few turns the enemy will all be on the fence, but you already have a few worms there. Just move to the enemy worms and firepunch/blow them off the edge from close range. It's possible to complete this mission in less than 8 turns without losing even one worm.

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Ice, Ice Maybe

The idea in this one is to make your way across the landscape, collect the Girder then use it to cross the water in order to gain access to the switch (located behind the hut), this in turn will freeze the hole and save all the Sheep from being executed...
From the start make your way down the mountain (best method would be to go down the right side - facing the fridge), halfway down the mountain there is a tiny cave which contains the Freeze utility (not essential but can be used at the end of a turn if there is a chance that the enemy can get a clear shot at you). Then walk across the terrain, heading towards the Girder (located behind the snowman), once you have this you need to make your way over to the hut.
The Girder needs to be placed in such a way that it forms a bridge across the water, make sure that the Girder is set to large in order to make it a more Worm-friendly bridge. A good tip here is to have your worm hidden when placing the Girder - this means that once the Girder is placed, your worm will not be a target for the enemy on his turn!
Once you've made your way over to hut, head straight through it and jump on the switched located just outside the back, hey presto, mission complete.

Walkthrough by Kel

When Annelids Collide

Turn 1: Make your way to Cap'n Harsh and firepuch him into the deep blue sea
Turn 2: Get to J and shoot him off the edge
Turn 3: Place your worm near the gates and shoot Freq Nasty off the column
Turn 4: Cross the bridge and firepuch Normal into the water

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Rum Deal

Be careful. If you are not very good with the jetpack this mission will be a nightmare for you. Gently lower yourself onto a barrel and collect the crate, then jump off and start the jetpack going again, find another barrel and keep doing this until you have collected enough crates to complete the mission. So long as you are careful with landing your jetpack on the barrels you should be ok.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Earn Your Crust

Turn 1: Cross the bridge and stand on the platform to the right (as you look at it crossing the bridge) from the enemy worm. Shoot the worm on the bridge with the bazooka. He'll die.
Turn 2: With your next worm jump towards the oil barrel ahead of you. There is a worm on the edge of the terrain. Firepunch him off and hide at the base of the cliff
Turn 3: Jetpack up to the top and firepunch Boggy Pete off. Hide close to the windmill blades but stay on the top
Turn 4: Firepunch the last worm into the water
Turn 5: Collect the crates with the jetpack.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Apple Core Island

Turn 1: Collect the utility crate and skip go. You are supposed to get killed now, don't worry
Turn 2: Quickly jump to the palm tree and climb to it's top. Now backflip, activate the jetpack in mid-air and land onto the treasure chest and collect the crate.

Don't kill anyone, you don't need to.
If done correctly, now you have gold

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Helter Skelter

Turn 1: Make your way up the helter skelter collecting all the crates. When you get to the top shoot one of the worms off with a bazooka.
Turn 2: Now shoot another worm down
Turn 3: Do the same again and shoot the last worm down

Note: The worm on the large platform can be tricky to shoot off. If you want: Shoot the other 2 worms first, then parachute down to him and finish him off with a grenade/bazooka.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Take My Cherry

Carefully make your way down the flowers slep by step (don't try to take short cuts or you may fall). Then carefully walk along the thin stalk of that flowers stretching across the murky depths. You need to head towards that ugly looking monster of a thing and get across the bridge and grab the crate to kill Boggy Pete. Don't worry he won't attack you. Your go will end before you get to the crate. The best way to complete this mission in the quickest time is actually to drown your other 2 worms. You don't need them, you only need your worm who will grab the crate. Just before you get to the bridge you'll see a utility crate, grab it - it has a low gravity in it. Be careful along the bridge as there are gaps so time your jumps well or you'll have to start again. Use the low gravity once you are across and backflip onto the top and grab the crate (try to control your backflip or else you may go off the end!). Then just aim the homing missle at Boggy Pete and fire! And that's it, gold!

Walkthrough by Star Worms

In Space No-one Can Hear You Clean

Turn 1: Jetpack to Mad Frank's flying saucer, collect the crate there and prod him off into space
Turn 2: Depending on the wind, parachute or jetpack to Treebus's rocket and prod him off. Then move to the left wing of the rocket, or else you'll be shot off
Turn 3: Jetpack to Truffle's saucer and firepunch him into the watery grave
Turn 4: Jetpack to Stig's satelite and land on one of it's wings. Now, shoot Stig off the satelite with a zook and end the mission

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Shiver Me Timbers

Turn 1: Collect the crates around you and donate the worm on the boat to the fishies. Hide in the cave after that
Turn 2: Typhoid should now be standing close to the edge. Collect all of the crates around you, firepunch Typhoid into the drink. Jump into the skull cave.
Turn 3: Jump to the worm next to the treasure chest and blow him onto the water
Turn 4: Get the captain to the mainland by frontflipping onto the rocks, get to the beach, collect the utility crate, jump onto the boat's remains and onto the ship. Skip go
Turn 5: Jetpack onto the island with the last enemy and blow him off the edge

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Falling For You

This mission requires you to Parachute from plane to plane, you start with 1 Parachute, this will allow you to fall to the next plane on which another Parachute will be found and so on.
The wind always blows in your favour so don't worry about that.
Don't feel pressured to perform several falls in one turn, take your time and stay alive.
Try to learn how to slow the Parachute down, try and pull back, controlling the decent rather than going full gun through the sky at break-neck speeds.
Eventually the trail of Parachutes will lead you onto the aircraft carrier, here a bundle of weapons can be found. The 3 weak enemies can be easily disposed of using the Bazooka (again, the wind will be in your favour and should carry the shots over to the enemies ship).

Walkthrough by Kel

Crop Circle

Turn 1: Use your first worm and move him around collecting crates
Turn 2: Use your second worm and use one of the bazookas on a enemy. Put your worm so you can not see its redish circle on the display and fire full power straight up.
Turn 3: Keep on using the first worm to collect crates untill it comes to the parachute, then stop.
Turn 4: Use your second worm to Dynamite on the worm you blasted down.
Turn 5: Ignore the first worm (unless you can parachute to the island with health)
Turn 6: Keep on using the method in step 2 untill you run out of bazookas then 1 second grenades at full power straight up as in step 2
Turn 7: Use Dynamite to finish them off!

Walkthrough by canofworms

Star Worms
30 Nov 2005, 23:12
Tree Village Trouble

Turn 1: Collect the utility crate, parachute to the island next to a tree(the one on the right of the big cannopy tree), quickly backflip to the top, collect the weapon crate, cross the bridge and collect the utility crate. You won't have any time left, so don't bother trying to do something
Turn 2: Collect the weapon crate near you and jump to the same tree you parachuted to in your last go. Backflip to the first platform, rope to Naughty Nick and prod him into the water. Use your retreat time to hide behind the tree, or else you'll be turned into swiss cheese bu the enemy's weapons
Turn 3: Parachute to Dangerous Dale and prod him into the water.
Turn 4: Walk over the bridge to Kiwie Kie and firepunch him into the water.

If done correctly, the enemy simply won't have time to touch the villagers

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Movie Mayhem

Turn 1: Reach Key Grip and prod him into the water
Turn 2: Firepuch Boom Boy to the edge of the set
Turn 3: Prod Gaffer into the water
Turn 4: Prod Boom Boy into the water
Turn 5: Blow Cameraman into the water with a bazooka

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Worm And The Beanstalk

Turn 1: Collect ALL of the targets and land in the boat
Turn 2: Jump directly into the boat, close the chute if it opens. When you are about to hit the boat open the chute and make it a soft landing. Also, if while falling down you realize you are going to miss the boat, open the chute and correct your fall
Turn 3: Same as Turn 2

If you miss the boat just a few wormy inches, it will still count as a landing. However, if you land on the anchor or the rope, you'll lose

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

School's In For Summer

Turn 1: Firepunch Bash into the water. If he doesn't fall into the water , just finish him of with the shotgun.
Turn 2: Firepunch Rocky to the water
Turn 3: Firepunch Hector to the water
Turn 4: Put a dynamite/HHG right next to Gripper so that he goes in water
All other turns: Finish off Gang Leader

Easter Egg

Throw two grenades or cluster bombs through the basketball hoops on the map and you unlock the Madchester soundbank!

Walkthrough by Bucket

High Stakes

Turn 1: Cross the bridge, jump onto the big tree and that large hill. Now chute down over the gates, go up the hill to the carpent that lies horizontally and position yourself right behind it. Don't touch Decomposing Diamond yet
Turn 2: Get to the same position as in Turn 1
Turn 3 (Van Wormsing): Reach the same spot as in the two other turns, quickly climb the cliff(there are small "islands" sticking out of the cliff you can jump on) and bat Dracuworm off the cliff.

If you don't manage to kill him this go, skip the turns of your 2 other worms and finish him off then
Now you should only have 3 or 4 enemies with only cluster bombs. Now, KILL THEM ALL!!!

Here's a guide for the first 3 turns. The yellow line marks Wormsing's path once he reaches the postion where he can climb the cliff

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

A Quick Fix

Turn 1: With your first worm collect the 3 crates containing the mines and the shotgun, and kill the worm sitting on the plant (Lennon).
Turn 2: Collect the crate behind the monitor to get more weapon crates, then climb inside the monitor and place the first mine.
Turn 3: Place the second mine and move away from it Continue until you place the all of the mines (there must be six of them overall), then push the power button If you run out of mines, collect a crate or two.
One worm must remain outside the monitor to draw away the enemy's attention. Place him in a position visible to the enemy but hard to hit, like under the monitor If you place the connections wrong and they will blow up - restart the mission, don't waste time.

A guide how to place the mines is in the manual on the desk. Remember, that the scheme on the manual is upside down

Tip: Stand on the bulbs and drop the mines from them.

Here's a simple diagram to show where to place the mines

Easter Egg

With your worm, jump on the keys on the keyboard spelling out "Team17" by jumping on T, then E, then A and so on until you have spelled out "Team17"

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx
Image by thomasp

All Cooped Up

Turn 1: Quickly run to the postbox and collect the crate. You can hide inside the postbox if you want
Turn 2: Now, head to the house, collect the health crates and drown Village Idiot with a zook
Turn 3: Drown Dim Worm with a zook

Now finish off the rest

Click Here for a guide how to collect the crates in one turn

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Trial Of The Damned

1: Go pick the crate and place the girder.
2: Go on the girder and pass to the second island.
3: Pass the rope. If you have some problem with the rope, try and get a good camera angle
4: After you get past the rope, jump to the island on your left. Then, jump to the island with a sort of church on it. Then, jump on the other island with a skeleton of a dinosaur. After that, pass the floating skeleton.
5: Just continue till you go to the halo hole. Jump in it. Mission Accomplished!

Click for a guide of where to go.

Walkthrough by Bucket

Showdown At The OK Corale Reef

Turn 1: Go as quick as possible and go get the crate at the other side of the map.
Turn 2: Put a Dynamite beside PinkBeard. It should kill him.
Turn 3: Go to Shipmate Maddy and prod him into water.
Turn 4: Prod Shipmate Eliote into the water
Turn 5: Use The Concrete Donkey on Shipmate Danny. It should kill him.
Turn 6: Use a homing missile on Captain Wriggly.
Turn 7: Finish him off. Mission accomplished!

Easter Egg

There's a crate on the highest building of the map. There's the Wooden Giraffe Wormopedia page in it. Click Here for screenshot of how to get to it.

Walkthrough by Bucket

Star Worms
30 Nov 2005, 23:13
Plaice Holder

1: Get the bazooka in the lighthouse and kill Quint. If you miss your shot, don't worry, they will send you another crate.
2: Go get the crate that just appeared. there's a jetpack in it. Use it to go get the crate on the Shark.
3: Use your jetpack again to go to the boat port and get the Girders.
4: Press the jump button to deselect the girder. Go to the lighthouse and place the girders as shown in the image here.
5: Use the parachute to go between the yellow barrels. Wait until the earthquake start and finish.
6: Go the bridge of the boat and get the crate. There's a Low Gravity in it. Use it to go to the lighthouse.
7: Go get the other crate that is behind the ladder.
8: Finally , go get the Final crate where the giant poster. Do a backflip to get it.

Walkthrough by Bucket

Hook, Line And Skimmer

Turn 1: Collect the crate on the beach, then the crate on the island over the bridge. Now, shoot the island with the enemy Henchman and watch it explode
Turn 2: Head to to island next to the flying boat and kill the Henchman sitting in it
Turn 3: Head to the island your other worm is sitting on. If the wind is strong(5-8), shoot Pink Beard's island. If it isn't strong enough, skip go

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Nobody Rides For Free

Turn 1: Go as quick as possible and go take the crate in the spaceship ride . If you have enough time, go pay Enrique by putting a mine into his booth if you don't have enough time, just go behinde Enrique.
Turn 2: Jump on the booth by doing a backflip then do another one to go on the rails. Just do others backfilp till you'll be in the cars. Collect the crates and try to jump to Enrique. You'll probably get some damage but not enough to kill you.
Turn 3: Go pay Mar.
Turn 4: Jump on the rails, as it explain on the picture, and continue until you pic the box. Use to parachute to go down. If you have enough time, try to go pay Patrick
Turn 5: If you didn't have time on turn 4, go pay Patrick on this turn

Click Here for a Screenshot of where to go

Easter Egg

If none of the booths are damaged then you unlock the Grandpa Speechbank!

Walkthrough by Bucket

Hold Until Relieved

Turn 1: Go on the bridge and firepunch the worm
Turn 2: Use the Jetpack to go on the ship and firepunch or bat the worm
Turn 3: Use another jetpack to go on the base with the machine gun. Punch or bat the worm.
Turn 4: Do a backflip to go on the other base. Just prod the other worm.
All others turn: Survive for 5 turns and don't get killed!

Walkthrough by Bucket

To Boldly Go

Use backflips to get yourself up steeper edges and normal jumps to jump across. At the end, when on the cream coloured object (when about to backflip onto the red object at the end) don't go right to the end or you'll hit the edge of the red object and fall. Instead go to the middle or towards the back of the cream object and do a backflip so that you land on the red object. Then just jump to the crate.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Beautiful Balloon

Turn 1: Teleport onto the big plane.
Turn 2: Commit suicide
Turn 3: Commit suicide
Turn 4: You should have only 1 worm on an enemy plane now. Take a good postiton where you can't be prodded off the plane and start the shootout

Destroy all planes except for the one you are on.

When all planes except the one your worm is standing on are destroyed, place a girder a little above the plane. Next turn jump on the girder and blow up the last plane. Mission completed, you have gold

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

A Good Night's Sleep

You must send sheep over ALL the fences 3 times in a row.
Collect the crates as quickly as possible by jumping/backflipping a lot. If the wind is gentle then it is a good idea to try and parachute back to the circle with the sheep so long as you are on higher ground. Stand on one of the circles, select the sheep and go into 1st person mode. Make sure that from that angle you are looking straight across at the fences or else the sheep will go off the edge of the bridge. Then release him.

Note: If you didn't use the parachute on a go then instead use the secondary fire button or you can just jump, open the parachute and quickly release it instead.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Beefcake Breakfast Brawl

Turn 1: Activate low gravity, jump on the top shelf, jump on the roof support beam and jump out of the window. Find a good position on the roof and skip go
Turn 2: Activate low gravity and jump into the little shelf with the big bottle and collect the crate with the zook. Now, try to shoot the enemy off the chair. It doesn't really matter if you don't.
Turn 3: Crawl down to the window and shoot down the worm sitting on the support beam. Position yourself on top of the roof.

Now all you need to do is wait for the water to rise. You can do anything with the worm in the kitchen, but the one on the roof must always be out of the enemy's sight/reach.
Mission completed, gold awarded

Easter Egg

On the roof there is a utility crate. Collect it as this unlocks the Bridge Kit utility!

Walkthrough by xXSpIDerXx

Costa Del Danger

1: Jump to the left to set off the mine
2: Set off the mine on the diving board (be careful not to fall off!)
3: Do a 180 degree turn from where you are and set the one off on the beach
4: Turn left and set off the mine down there
5: Go back. You will see 2 parasols (umbrellas). Jump on the furthest one. Then do a backflip onto the thing on the hotel and backflip again (there is a mine on the ledge above it)
6: walk off the thing. Then go onto the thing on the building to your left but this time the mine is actually on that thing above the front door. Set it off.
7: Turn left onto the beach and set off that mine
8: Go onto the building on your left and backflip onto the thing above the door and then backflip and hit the ledge above (you dont need to go on - just so close that you set off the mine)
9: Set off the mine on the beach
10: Go to the last building and do the same as you did for 8. Once this mine has set off it should say you have 5 more to get. If not, you've missed one out!
11: Go around the back of the 2nd building you went on (when facing the front of the building go around the left side), there are some pipes. There is a little plant on the ground. Walk just ahead of it, face the camera and backflip. If you fell off then go further away from the plant, towards the pipe. If you backflipped and you are nearly off the back of the pipe then walk forward on the pipe, face away from the camera and backflip. Do this all the way up. Then set off the mine at the top of the building.
12: Go left along the rope (Don't forget there's a mine going off behind you!) Be careful. Set off the mine on that building. Then go back to the first building you set a mine off on. From where you are, go straight on, along the rope to the hotel and set the mine off there.
13: Walk back onto the first building again. Then go along the other rope you haven't been along. Be very careful, there is a mine on the rope!
14: Carry on to the last building and set off the mine on there.

If done quickly you should've earned yourself a gold medal!

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Ragnarok And Roll

1: Get the utility by you and jump slong the magical looking path collecting the crate on the way. Collet the crate in front of you when you get to the island and go left. Collect the crate in front of you. Shoot Sven once with the shotgun, go around towards Erik. Go to the corner to the right of him and move about 1 worm distance from it and shoot Erik. He should land on the mine and die. Move into the corner.
2: Shoot Sven with your shotgun again. Go back to where you killed Erik and follow the arrow, jumping over. Shoot the next guy off (if he doesn't die set the mine off but try not to get hurt too much by the mine)
3: Collect the parachute and jump over the gap using it so you don't fall. Collect the crates being careful not to set any of the mines off. Prod the one who is on the right of this island from where you jump onto it off the edge and hide behind the building.
4: Jump over the mines and prod the other guy off the island. Hide behind the tree to the left of you.
5: Jetpack down onto the ship close to the one on the right but so that you can kill the one on the left. Once the one on the left is killed, the one by you, if you are close enough to him will skip his go.
6: Finish the last guy off.

Walkthrough by Star Worms

Alien Juice Suckers

Turn 1: Collect the crate and then, use your rope to kill Huga huga Woooaaahh with a prod.
Turn 2: Use the rope to go on the spaceship where there's 2 worms on it. Kill one of them.
Turn 3: Use the rope to go on the first Electrical Post. Prod the worm.
Turn 4: Teleport you to the other space ship that only has 1 worm on it.
Turn 5: Collect the crate on the spaceship (if you didn't do it on turn 1) and teleport to the 'base' on the other side of the map.
Turn 6: Kill the worm on the spaceship
Turn 7: Try to get to the worm on the island. If you can't, skip go
Turn 8: Kill the worm on the spaceship
Turn 9: Collect the crates and use the jetpack to go to the worm on the island. Firepunch/Bat/Banana Bomb him. Mission accomplished!

Walkthrough by Bucket

1 May 2006, 16:44
HI, for the mission beautiful balloon, which part of the plane i cant be proded off?

28 Jun 2006, 14:29
Star Worms, thank you for "Plaice Holder". :)

25 Jul 2006, 04:37
Hello! Not sure who wrote the walkthrough for 'Beautiful Baloon', but whoever it is… PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have no trouble not getting prodded off the plane, as I tried that tactic the first time I played, I just took too long.
My problem is that on Turn 4 I do NOT have only one worm on the enemy plane. When I got to this point I just asumwd you omited a turn that you need to commit suicide on. So I just commited suicide on turn 4, and THEN did what it said to do on turn 4. But when I put the girder up, the water came and drowned us both! So now I think you just got lucky and the enemy picked one of your worms on the blimp for you.
I am trying my own variations on this walk through, but can you please help me!
Thanks for these walkthroughs anyway though. I got gold on 5 of the missions that I followed your walkthroughs on.

Please help,
aka: Pete of the Bog

Star Worms
5 Aug 2006, 17:49
I haven't played W3D for ages but I think he means there's a worm on your plane. Then find a place where you can't be prodded off by the guy on your plane and shoot the other planes down and then prod him off. I can't guarantee if it will work because I haven't played it for ages and I didn't write that part of the walkthrough. Also, my brother now has the Xbox so I have no way of playing W3D.

6 Aug 2006, 15:23
I Finished the whole game,except the last game with the keyboard and mines,and whatever! It's hard.

Star Worms
7 Aug 2006, 18:32
Here's the image showing where to put the mines: http://www.blamethepixel.com/starworms/aquickfix.jpg

8 Aug 2006, 07:57
Ok,Thanks for the help!

14 Aug 2006, 15:48
in te mission the quick fix i need granades or mines in the monitor?

Star Worms
14 Aug 2006, 18:32
Mines .

12 Sep 2006, 12:42
i can't deselect de girder... :( i press enter but the girder only gets bigger and i can't deselect it please someone help me.... :(

14 Nov 2006, 18:46
In crop circle a better way to get rid of the enemies is to use the two girders you are givern at the start pressing return to make them super big then use the movement keys to angle it then when you have put the two up get your first worm up by back/front flips then just dynamite the enemy off the saurcer they should all die when they are blasted off the ship then just kill your other worm.

5 Jan 2007, 18:46
i cant whit the "plaice holder" mission, the guide says when u jump u deselect the grider but it doesnt work whit me, just gets bigger or smaller and cant deselect for walk to the ligthouse. i use to jump whit "enter" but maybe is another button for deselect the grider...if someone knows plz help.:( :confused:

by the way, i cant jump whit backspace as u said before. well ... i cant deselect the grider and idk how:(

5 Jan 2007, 20:56
by the way, i cant jump whit backspace as u said before. well ... i cant deselect the grider and idk how:(
To deselect the girder press backspace, or just right click and chose a different weapon.

8 Jan 2007, 19:21
lol i tried that bro, but it doesnt work yet, and i cant select another weapon cuz the grider is the only i have in that mision so is impossible lol .but thx for the help anyway.

anyone else knows how to deselect the frider on that mision ??? thx:confused:

Jimbob jr.
3 Feb 2007, 11:44
For Beautiful balloon, wouldn't it be easier to fire a bazooka at a plane then commit suicide quickly in the same go. I shot two planes and made it much easier

8 May 2007, 12:54
You Must Get All The Targets At The First Go, & Land On The Boat.
With Your Next Worm, Jump, Deselect The Parachute, & QUICKLY Open The
Weapon Panel. When Your Worm Is About To Hit The Boat, QUICKLY Open The
Parachute, & Safely Land In The Boat. Do The Same As With Your 2nd Worm
With Your 3rd Worm, & PRESTO!!! THE GOLD IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!

If You Stuck Somewhere, Just Ask Me, Because I Got Gold In ALL of The Campaigns!!!

To Deselect The Girder, Press BACKSPACE! :D :)

By Wormer16.

16 May 2007, 17:47
i have a problem with "a good night's sleep". i can't go to take a sheep and immediately to go to the bridge to throw it in one turn. Could someone give me more detailed instrucions about this mission?

Jimbob jr.
7 Jun 2007, 08:43
I was unaware it had to all be in one turn.

16 Jun 2007, 16:51
I think a lot of jumping (standard, not double) is the solution.

6 Aug 2007, 02:32
Wow, I just looked at Plaice Holder and there is a WAY faster method to finish.
when you get the Parachute, I landed on the wooden plank where the poster is.

The earthquake commenced and I fell on the piece of land. Then the Tool Box appeared at the poster and I finished O.O Never knew I found a short-cut :D

4 Dec 2007, 21:39
I am stuck on Plaice Holder because I cannot move because it auto-selects girder as my weapon. This means i cannot move to the lighthouse. Please help!

5 Dec 2007, 04:13
to deselect the girder you press backspace

im having trouble on alian juice sukers i keep dieing

7 Dec 2007, 16:35
I am stuck on Ragnarok and Roll. I don't play the game much anway.

8 Dec 2007, 14:59
Yo this is Meme. I'm Abit stuck on a good nights sheep. Could you help me out?:-/

Jimbob jr.
15 Dec 2007, 13:01
Go on to the fence bit, if you were looking at the sleepin guy, to the left. Then, in three goes, lauch a sheep to clear the fences. It should work, but make sure it clears all three fences

21 Dec 2007, 00:35
i'm a little stuck with the mission "plaice holder".

i've done the bazooka and jetpack part but when i pick up the girder the game automaticly selects the girder as current weapon and i can't move ore deselect it witch results in beeing stuk and me getting verry angry :).

i've tried using the jump button to deselect it, but it only give's me a larger girder and i can only move when i have used them both and than there's no way of getting up on the lighthouse( i think)

greets kurt

21 Dec 2007, 04:33
Try using other buttons but not the button used to plant the girder
(Sorry, I have the PC version.)

Oh, and if you want to get to the lighthouse higher, try back-flipping on the light house.
(I think..):rolleyes::p